Out Now: Dub Gabriel feat. Ranking Joe Ltd. Edition 7" Vinyl & Digital

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Dub Gabriel feat. Ranking Joe

Limited Edition of 500 Hand Numbered 7” Vinyl & Digital

A. Freedom Fighter

B. Freedom Fighter (RSD Roller Dub Mix)

Dub Gabriel returns with his 3rd release of his 7” vinyl series, this
time with a true reggae legend, Ranking Joe! With over a 40-year
career, he has solidified his legacy in the history of reggae working
with such giants as Studio One, Sly & Robbie, Greensleeves, King
, Trojan and many others.

We are also honored to have another legend on the  B side,
none other then the great RSD (Rob Smith from Smith & Mighty). His
work through the years has defined the sound of Bristol and beyond and
continues to redefine the sound of Raggabass to future generations.
Mastered in London by the legendary Kevin Metcalfe and pressed on
thick hi quality 7” vinyl, this is a ltd. edition, hand numbered &
stamped series of 500 and will also be available digitally.

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